At the heart of the Girona Pyrenees, with roots planted in the Garrotxa region, we find Camprodon, an area rich in history, tradition and versatility, where its fauna, landscapes, gastronomy and natural environment make it a dynamic destination the full year!

Camprodon is located in the Ripollès region in the province of Girona and and in the heart of the Girona Pyrenees, neighbouring  towns of Sant Pau de Segúries, Molló, Sant Joan de les Abadesses, La Vall de Bianya and Montagut.

Listen to the sound of the water bubbling from its springs, breathe the pure mountain air, wonder at the Romanesque style of its architectural works, inhale the fragrant scents of its natural environment and let yourself be swept away.

In addition to its ever-bustling town centre, culture and tourism represent key elements of Camprodon’s identity, a benchmark for rural tourism within Catalonia, not only because of its history, but also because of the extensive range of sporting activities it offers, which include hiking, cycling, skiing, horse riding and mountain activities.

The town of Camprodon acts as the main centre for the area, complemented by the villages of Beget, considered one of the most charming villages in the Catalan Pyrenees, Rocabruna and the Estabanell Colony, among others. The Ter river and its tributary, the Ritort, converge in the town centre, a union that serves to supply the numerous natural water fountains, more than fifteen in total, that can be found around the town.

Nature, gastronoy, tradition, history, sports, culture, family activities…switch off and unwind while you switch on to everything the area has to offer. We welcome you to Camprodon, enjoy the experience!