Family time

Discovering the local heritage on offer in Camprodon as a family or with a group of friends is a wonderful way to learn about the evolution and importance of our municipality. As a border territory, the Valley formed the backdrop to numerous events with great historical significance during the war and, because of that, we have created a series of excursions, routes and visits to take you back in time to discover the Valley’s past!

All the information you need to discover and explore our town and the entire Valley is available on the Tourist Office.


As a certified and specialised family tourism destination, Camprodon has been awarded the Family Nature and Mountain quality seal, distinguishing it as a destination for which the natural environment represents a key resource, where, as a result of the extensive range of restaurants, accommodation and entertainment options on offer, families can be sure they will be able to enjoy their time together to the full.

Tourist train

The Camprodon Valley Tourist Train connects the region and presents the historical and scenic charms of the town. The train sets out from the Camí de la Cerdanya road, providing wonderful views of the Pont Nou, and follows a route around the town.

Visit Beget

Visit Beget and experience stepping back in time. With few roads and great care taken to preserve its architectural, traditional and scenic assets, the original medieval structure of Beget remains virtually intact, giving a sense of reflecting life as it was centuries ago.

A Land of Art and History Cross-border

A Land of Art and History proposes a series of activities for enjoying the Valley's heritage throughout the year, with the help of professional guides, lecturers and dynamizers from the fields of architecture and heritage, the shared history and culture of the Catalan Valleys of the Tec and Ter are explained.

Guided visits

Camprodon offers you a variety of guided tours which are addressed to all kind public and offers you the possibility of enjoying our natural beauty of the Town.

Encanteri, the river spirits

The river impregnates everything with life wherever it flows. Truly bewitching. It’s the spirit of the river, and the Ter has many spirits. At least four. But don’t think they’re easy to find! First we need to know their names, but the spirits keep them secret so their enemies (Filth, Drought, Waste…) don’t find out, and they use spells to confuse us. This game gives us clues to track them down and get a reward