Culture and traditions

Camprodon is one of the most popular rural tourist destinations in the Catalan Pyrenees and, because of that, offers visitors a wealth of activities and local traditions that have been instrumental in turning the municipality into the excellent base for exploring the region that it is today.

With an extensive cultural heritage and prominent figures and personalities connected to the area, it boasts a range of important festivals, museums and cultural attractions that reinforce its constantly transforming traditions and history.

As a result of the efforts and involvement of our local residents, we have managed to protect and promote our cultural heritage.

Festivals and activities

Camprodon has been a preeminent tourist area since the nineteenth century, offering a wide range of leisure and cultural activities, as well as hosting a variety of events. The Sant Patllari town festival, the Isaac Albéniz Music Festival and the Sacred Mystery procession are among the best-known but it is also home to a range of other traditional fairs, such as the arts and crafts market on the first Sunday of August and the Puríssima Fair, when the streets buzz with colour and atmosphere.


Our museums are responsible for safeguarding and exhibiting that which forms part of our local culture and substance, making it available for the enjoyment of everyone and preserving the traces and evolution of our history. The Albéniz Museum is one of the most notable in the region, paying tribute to the child prodigy and acclaimed composer from Camprodon, Isaac Albéniz.

Weekly market

The Camprodon weekly market takes place every Sunday morning. With more than twenty stalls, the Plaça Doctor Robert Square is filled with crafts, culinary produce, textiles and natural products from around the region. The market is open from 9am to 2 pm.