Landscape and environment

The Camprodon landscape is the ultimate expression of nature that, while preserving its roots and, together with its characteristic rural tranquillity, make it an idyllic place for walking in the heart of nature. Drink in the purity of its spring water fountains, the tranquillity and calm of rambling through the countryside and everything that the Valley has to offer.

The water fountains

Water springs naturally from the earth throughout the entire municipality, providing for a beautiful route that is defined by history. The confluence of the River Ter and the Ritort, the source of which is in Camprodon, serves to supply the numerous natural spring water fountains, more than fifteen in total, that can be found dotted in and around Camprodon. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and let yourself be seduced by the area’s magnificent water fountains. Dare to discover them!

Walking routes

Enjoy Camprodon's long walks full of history and discover the story of how the town has evolved over the ages, while drinking in the beauty of the natural surroundings. We offer you two options, one urban and one rural, both of which provide the chance to explore our rich culture and learn about great figures who have been influential within the region where their legacy lives on.

Vorater, places for calm and contemplation

Anyone who has had the opportunity to enjoy some quiet time by the riverside knows the meaning of words such as relaxation, serenity, peace and harmony. The sound of the water, birdsong, the rustling of the breeze and the creaking of the branches compose a natural melody that fosters people’s well-being and improves their overall health. Science supports the belief that contact with nature has preventive, therapeutic and restorative properties and is imperative for nurturing our physical, emotional and social balance. Simply put, our goal is to make you aware and mindful of everything that is happening while it is happening and to actively embrace the flow of life as you are living it

The Camprodon Valley

The Camprodon Valley, which has consolidated its position as a leader in active, natural, cultural and leisure tourism, forms part of the axial zone of the Pyrenees and includes the towns of Camprodon, Llanars, Molló, Sant Pau de Segúries, Setcases and Vilallonga de Ter.