No trip to Camprodon would be complete without tasting some of its local gourmet products. Sample the Valley’s cured meats and sausages, cheeses, veal and colt meat, Birba biscuits and Trumfa potatoes and be taken on a gastronomic journey through our lands.

Camprodon and its Valley are especially famed for high quality, traditional dining.

Cured meats and sausages

The region’s thriving and deeply rooted tradition of livestock farming and agriculture has earned it a reputation as a place characterised by top quality traditional mountain cuisine and its selection of local cured meats and sausages are famed as one of the stellar products of the Camprodon Valley. Its locally produced cured meats and sausages are made using traditional artisan methods which observe the natural curing processes and respect the optimum time periods, and, combined with the altitude, purity of the air, ideal temperatures and humidity conditions throughout the year, make for an unbeatable result.


Ripollès veal is fresh, tender and of the highest quality, with the added value of benefitting from the stringent protected origins controls implemented, which guarantee that its animals have been born, reared and fattened outdoors on local farms around the region, ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare.

Colt meat

Colt meat is a rich source of iron, essential acids and protein and has excellent nutritional characteristics. Thanks to the large number of breeding mares in the Valley, the municipality is one of the main distributors of this type of meat, considered a local speciality and delicacy of the Girona Pyrenees.

Birba cookies

For those with a sweet tooth, Camprodon is also home to the Birba company, involved in the production and manufacture of artisan biscuits since the nineteenth century.

Trumfes of the Camprodon Valley

The Trumfa potato is one of Camprodon’s most emblematic culinary products and is grown on the mountains of the municipality. This slow-growing variety of potato is cultivated using farming methods that respect the natural environment, thereby infusing the crops with more nutrients and superior organoleptic properties.