Pau Pujol Monolith

“On 5 October 1794, the French killed Pau Pujol, wool merchant, on the other side of the Ter, for defending the faith and his homeland”

That is the inscription on the stone monolith which stands as a memorial of the execution of Pau Pujol by French troops in reprisal for a military attack because he had opposed the occupying regime.

The Vila de Camprodon was occupied by the French army during the War of the Pyrenees (1793-1795) and was blighted by the worst fire in its history. After the French Revolution, the Gallic armies crossed the borders of the country in order to prevent France from being attacked by the absolutist monarchies in the surrounding areas.

This military conflict caused untold damage in Camprodon, to its buildings and its people, plunged into the War of the Pyrenees, when, on 4 October 1793, the town was attacked by around 3,400 troops, marking the first of many such incidences up until 1795.