Passeig Font Nova

Passeig de la Font Nova, remodelled during the second half of the nineteenth century, became home to the town’s first summer residences.

A wander along the boulevard provides an opportunity to view its collection of magnificent residences that belonged to illustrious families, showcasing various styles of construction and built by renowned architects. At the end of the avenue, where a three-spouted water fountain once stood, there is now a water fountain and a bust of Dr Robert, paying tribute to the local dignitary, who was instrumental in promoting tourism in the area.

Some of the most prominent residences include: Can Pomar, built by the architect Josep Vilaseca, also responsible for the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, Can Vincke, an alpine style house that belonged to a family of German industrialists, and Can Torrent, where the then prince, Juan Carlos once spent a season.