Pont Nou (New Bridge)

Pont Nou is one of Camprodon’s most well-known and symbolic landmarks, the most popular image of the town has become a true icon of the Catalan mountain tourism.

This single arch stone bridge, which according to surviving records, was built during the twelfth century, was a mandatory crossing point for anyone making their way to Cerdanya.

Popularly known as the ‘Roman Bridge’ or ‘Romanesque Bridge’, medieval records indicate that it was given the name, Pont Nou (New Bridge), to distinguish it from the Pont Vell (Old Bridge) located in Can Carrera, although it is also believed that it may be due to its constuction on the place of an older one, having been badly damaged in an earthquake in 1428 and completely destroyed during the Catalan Civil War. Rebuilt with numerous modifications over the following centuries, the fortified gateway, which is also known as the Cerdanya Gate, marked the end of the Camí Reial (Royal Road) that ran between the counties located in the upper Pyrenees to the Girona coast.

Gothic in style and located in the town, the Ritort flows under one of the region’s most characteristic landmarks.