Monastery of Sant Pere

The Monastery of Sant Pere is a Romanesque church built to form the shape of a Latin cross supported by three arches, with a central apse and octagonal dome, above which the square bell tower rests.

The slender, two-story square bell tower features elegant openings on each level and adds a dynamic touch to the architectural ensemble. From the inside, the belfry structure is supported by a dome decorated with a cornice.

In terms of its history, the bishop of Girona, Servus Dei, consecrated a church dedicated to Saint Peter in the tenth century, but it was not until the middle of the same century that Count Guifré II of Besalú subsequently converted it into a Benedictine monastery, with the abbot and Benedictine monks playing an instrumental role in orchestrating Camprodon’s demographic and economic development between the tenth and twelfth centuries.