The Camprodon Valley

The Camprodon Valley, which has consolidated its position as a leader in active, natural, cultural and leisure tourism, forms part of the axial zone of the Pyrenees and includes the towns of Camprodon, Llanars, Molló, Sant Pau de Segúries, Setcases and Vilallonga de Ter. Two valleys running from north to south follow the courses of the Ter and Ritort rivers through the municipality and converge in the Camprodon area. The Valley is structured around a system of waterways forming an almost perfect Y-shape that includes the Montfalgars and Costabona mountain ranges.

The relief and natural, scenic, and ecological attributes from the high mountain areas to the bottom of the valley highlight the region’s significant natural diversity, offering superb routes for walkers, as well as mountain biking or hiking enthusiasts. Visitors will also be able to discover the important Romanesque influence within the Valley and its architectural elements.

Some of the Valley’s principal sites of interest include: the Church of Sant Cristòfol and the town of Beget, the Headwaters of rivers Ter and Freser Natural Park, the Church of the Monastery of Sant Pere and Santa Maria de Camprodon and the Church of Santa Cecília de Molló, among others.

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