Trumfes of the Camprodon Valley

The Trumfa potato is one of Camprodon’s most emblematic culinary products and is grown on the mountains of the municipality. This slow-growing variety of potato is cultivated using farming methods that respect the natural environment, thereby infusing the crops with more nutrients and superior organoleptic properties.

Thanks to the conditions of the local terrain, the altitude at which they are grown, the soil conditions and extreme climate, the Trumfas spend a greater amount of time in the ground which gives them a strong texture and a rich and incomparable flavour.

This nutritious, balanced food, rich in vitamin C, is exquisite and offers a multitude of culinary possibilities and nuances: it can be served boiled, mashed, creamed, roasted, baked, etc. and makes a delicious addition to soups, strudels, canamillana, stuffed trumfa, salads, greixonera, stews, pastries, or a delicious side dish!

In the Valley, the Trumfa or potato has been cultivated since ancient times with superb results, although previously they reflected a subsistence economy and are currently cultivated as a complementary agricultural activity.

The Trumfa comes into its own in the autumn, with a number of activities organised around that time to pay homage to this local speciality. The Trumfa Fair marks the start of the harvest season in early September, with the sale of Trumfas, activities, workshops, tasting sessions, competitions and championships.