Can Birba

At the end of the nineteenth century, the Birba family opened a small family business in Camprodon for the sale of a whole range of products. Later, they began to make their signature biscuits from an artisan operation set up in their house.

Capitalising on Camprodon’s rising popularity among Barcelona residents as a favourite place to spend the summer months, the business prospered and thrived through the patronage of this new market and, although they started out making sponge cakes, demand for their cookies grew and eventually took over as the company’s main product.

Local resident and son of the company’s founder, Llorenç Birba, is a leading expert on the history of the Vall de Camprodon and one of its greatest promoters. On inheriting the business, he expanded the store and opted to market his cookies further afield, successfully creating a demand outside of the local area, an achievement that enabled him to expand his production operations and open the first Birba factory in 1929.

The current 7,000m2 factory, founded at the Estabanell Colony plant in 2008, still retains the original factory ovens that remain in perfect working order.